Saturday, October 16, 2004

Did anyone else have their computer restart?

Scoble posted about an unhappy customer who'd had their computer restarted due to the WindowsUpdate system forcing a restart. Scoble goes on to talk about how the dialog box that comes up allows you to prolong the restart yet this option has a number of flaws I’ve found.

First if you’re working in a limited user account (which all users should be) the option to stop the restart is disabled. Now I understand why it would be disabled in a non-administrative account, yet the following commands should be the method used to stop the shutdown provided you have access to an administrative account.

runas /user:COMPUTER\Administrator cmd {ENTER PASSWORD}
shutdown -a

Doing the above said no shutdown events were scheduled, which shows that the method they used to shutdown the machine is a bit inconsistent with the rest of the Windows platform. Yet after saying that I'm happier to be put out and reopen my SAVED work after a reboot then run my computer unprotected.


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