Sunday, October 10, 2004

Podcasting vs logic

Scoble has an interesting take on this very new content creation system, which for those of you who are still wondering is a blog sound clip that you publish for general consumption called pod-casting. Now while I do agree with “The Scobleizer” (credited with bringing blogging to Microsoft along with the Channel9 website) that bleeding edge technology and innovation should be just about having fun and trying a different approach, I can’t help but think that this medium will not become common even amongst the geekiest of enthusiast circles.

The problem IMHO with Podcsating apart from the name being associated with a product and not a technology is that it takes too long. When I sift through the mountain of blogs of an evening it should generally be done as efficiently as possible. That is after all the ideology behind our RSS aggregators which support text searching/filtering and copying. Now unfortunately in its current state which is very early in the peace Podcasting offers none of these vital attributes without at least a lot of work. The fact that I can read faster then listen to someone else talk is a major detraction, along with the fact that your much more inclined to jot something down and publish text then setup your mic and have potentially multiple takes at getting your message out in podcast format to further promote the sound of your own voice.


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