Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Virtual Earth Beta 2 coming soon

Looks like the Earth part is not too far away. Heh

  1. Eagle Eye image view – photos taken from fairly low altitude at a 45° angle (as opposed to the 90° that the imagery currently uses). This makes for a really neat perspective view.

  2. User pushpins and collections

  3. Improved aerial and satellite imagery (of the 90° kind)

  4. Driving directions

  5. New content types – Traffic, Movies etc

  6. Mobile – send to phone. This looks like you’ll be able to send details of a location or locations to your mobile (or someone else’s). Imagine being able to send a “meet me here …” SMS.

  7. The big one (for me) is the geographic expansion – currently planned to be England and perhaps some more of Europe. More and more data will come on line as the team source and massage the data.

Check out Andrew Coates blog for more details


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