Wednesday, September 07, 2005

RE: Windows Vista Beta 2 Preview Shots!!

No no no... This is not Beta 2 everyone! Slow down.. we only got Beta 1 just over a month ago. The current preview build that was displayed at TechEd 2005 in Australia and New Zealand was build 5219. This is also the build that is slated for preview at the PDC next week. Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 is not expected out until November at the earliest..

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Subject: Windows Vista Beta 2 Preview Shots!!

Just weeks after releasing Windows Vista Beta 1, Microsoft has shifted our paradigms again, unveiling a preview of beta 2 at the TechEd 2005 developer conference this morning.

Among the breakthrough new features shown to the 2,000 developers paying $2,000 each to attend TechEd: Solitaire with new background images, a scrolling Alt+Tab bar and Microsoft's version of Mac OS X's Expose function, which allows all the open Windows to be viewed at once.

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