Monday, August 22, 2005

New MCE EPG hack for Australia

“Since Windows XP Media Center (MCE) was first released in Australia in late 2004, it has lacked an important function which is essential to the Media Center experience - an officially supported Electronic Program Guide.

In the beginning two separate programs came to the rescue. Namely TVHarvest, which obtains the guide data, and Quickguide which enables MCE to read the data and display it in a traditional form. Whilst these programs worked quite well together, they were difficult to configure and the majority of users struggled to set up an EPG.

The original Bladerunner was created to simplify the TVHarvest/Quickguide set up and whilst still employing these programs, it enabled an easy installation which opened up the EPG for many more users.

Now we welcome the next chapter in Bladerunner's development - Bladerunner Pro!”


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