Monday, March 21, 2005

A freebie for digital music player creators

One of the features I love on my Microsoft Smartphone (thanks to Scoble) is the ability to select automatic in the profiles section. Now I no longer have to worry about which profile my phone is set to because the phone uses information that is already available to it to understand that I want the phone to be in profile X right now. This is done by using the calendar information already in my phone.

This brings me to the above heading. When listening to some music with my friend I noticed that he was using his iPod Mini to adjust the inbuilt equaliser for the new song which was of a completely different style from the previous song. I asked him if the name of the song he had adjusted was automatically added when he copied the content from the CD into iTunes. He said that it was. I asked if the iPod had an automatic option when selecting the equaliser presents. He said there was no such option, which baffled me as the iPod already knew that he was moving from a completely different style of music by the automatically populated meta data attached to the music file. – So if any digital music player makers end up reading this can you please add this to your list of things to do. I hear that space is just a little competitive at the moment.


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