Thursday, September 23, 2004

Good look at the new Portable Media Center

I really like the creative device and MediaPlayer 10. Also it's great news that Microsoft have opened the Media Center up and allowed new TV tuner cards to be added to whitebox machines. I also think Chris's idea of having the device as an independent recorder sounds like a good idea yet I think the Xbox Extender boxs should do the trick.

The only thing missing from the device which is a bit of a let down is that they do not incorporate the Microsoft Voice Command software which I use everyday on my Pocket PC to query my music via voice when driving to work. The Voice Command software on the Pocket PC could possibly be the best application for the Windows Mobile platform. Considering that the Portable Media Center and the Pocket PC are almost identical in regard to sepcs I can't see any reason why this marriage would not work out perfectly.



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